Gentle jackrabbit nightlights

Written by Andrea Natale. Posted in stuff

Gentle jackrabbit nightlights @ Happy Owl Glassworks.



  • Qumnica

    Hanting successful!

    Two and half bunnies spotted at Nagi Noda’s. It is a flash-site, so I made 2 sreen shots for you). Two are in the ““Steel Works” and the half in “Hanpanda Gallery”.

  • Qumnica

    Successful Hanting II

    Cornelia Schleime

  • Qumnica

    Dear Bunnylicious,
    the fear to be importunate is my personal paranoia. So I hope you will tell me, when you have enough from my bunny spotting, may be one day you’ll like to show us your trophies – exclusive. Anyway all bunnies here are yours, because they are a result of your marvelous and funny idea and its wonderful realisation. I enjoy it daily. If you like I can send the founded art-links via e-mail to you and I honestly don’t need the credits (I mean, I liked your extremely nice and friendly regards very-very much, but a short mail would make me happy too. )
    I hope one day you will tell us what are you doing in non-digital world and how did you get the idea to connect art and bunnies.

    And now (drumming) the true reason for this comment:
    It was a chance encounter as usual: a post card set from a web-site that doesn’t exist any more. On one card I saw a pretty girl dreaming in the fantasy landscape – with a white rabbit in her hand. The name of the artist was Lori Field.

  • Qumnica

    Selfportrait by Danielle de Ppicciotto.

  • Christmasmen

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!