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Written by Andrea Natale. Posted in painting

“I have found myself doing several variations of rabbits sort of surfing or swimming in the ocean, on waves, under the sea, etc, so i wanted to add at least one image that depicted something closer to what might actually happen if a rabbit somehow found itself in a massive ocean wave…”

Rising Tide (painting, 2011) by Kozyndan.


Written by Andrea Natale. Posted in stuff

“The rabbit is a spirit animal seen by many cultures as a trickster. Those with this spirit are constantly dancing between the boundaries of positive and negative. This spirit is often associated with luck, fertility, rebirth and abundance. The rabbit appreciates home and family, a safe burrow in which to nurture themselves. This spirit is very keen, aware of their surroundings and articulate. Rabbits can often be seen talking themselves out of sticky situations with ease.”

SpiritHoods are more than just a wild accessory, they represent this bond and the connection we have with our wild natures.
[thanks Kahlo]

Hot Cross Bunny

Written by Andrea Natale. Posted in fun, stuff

“They usually live in an alternate universe where bunnies rule but they sometimes pop into our world where they terrorize the locals. Even in death these bunnies are dangerous so I keep their black murderous sould bound to their little corpses. Unchain at your own risk!”

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