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Marc Dennis

Written by Andrea Natale. Posted in art, painting

“Marc Dennis’s Honey Bunny is a hyper-realistic still life with some odd and disturbing symbols. In the bottom right-hand corner is a clear reference to the sculpture by artist Jeff Koons, known for his coy and often raunchy playfulness. The centerpiece of the composition is a handgun, which is oddly juxtaposed with surrounding pearl strands and coils of jewelry. In the upper right-hand corner of the painting is a fragment of women’s lingerie, which contrasts with the masculine, brown shoe in the upper left-hand corner. Honey Bunny, full of sexual, violent, and domestic images, is not your average, conservative still life.”

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Lawrence Argent

Written by Andrea Natale. Posted in art, sculpture

“The $800,000 sculpture, titled “Leap,” is suspended by seven cables affixed to steel girders. The rabbit appears to be bounding in from the fields that surround the airport north of downtown, leaping down to the baggage claim. To arriving passengers, it is diving toward a swirling vortex inside a granite suitcase, as if inviting them into an “Alice in Wonderland” adventure.”
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